We have a true passion for succulents.

Born and raised in sunny southern California.  My husband and I fell in love with succulents when introduced in 2001.  fascinated with the characters and unique looks of each variety. 

we introduced kbd nursery in 2003 located in san Diego county.  specializing in agaves, aloes and echeverias.  growing unique varieties in large quantities to service the landscape industry.  always searching for the best product to introduce to the landscape industry for low water requirements, temperatures. extremes, and unique product for designs.  working along with architects, designers and contractors to make sure the plants will survive the environment and design. 

branching out in 2009 with a retail route service to help serve the independent retail stores with quality product and also unique product that they could offer to their client/shopper never been seen before. 

our starter program was key for growing and supplying quality product for other growers world wide.  this program allows us to propagate and ship quality starters for other growers to introduce new product to their product line. 

launching in 2017 our online succulent source for unusual and unique product will be available for anyone to purchase at your fingertips.  this program will offer product that you don't normally see in any store.  focused on quality product, excellent customer service and great shipping rates.