How to make a beautiful succulent table top container...

How to make a beautiful succulent table top container.

1st pick out the container.  Make sure the container  has drainage holes.  This is a must.

2nd pick out the type of plants.  Pick colors that you love.  Pick lower growing plants to fill the bottom below the bigger plants.  Sedums are usually great for the fillers.

Pick some smaller and larger succulents to change up the height and texture.

Get a soil mix that is good for container planting.  I always say if you have a chance to smell, touch and feel the soil before you purchase it.  You can tell if its rich in nutrients.  Make sure the soil has some pumice in it to help the water move through the soil.

First pour alittle soil in it stage your plants and fill it up with the rest of the soil.  Your container is finished.  

Enjoy it.  Remember the more sun exposure the more color will pull from your plants.