Available in various sizes

Available in various sizes

Cut-away view showing soil inside tube.

Cut-away view showing soil inside tube.

How it began...
In the early 80's Patrick McWhinney discovered that many rockscape and waterfall projects were falling short of aesthetic and realistic appeal due to the lack of plant life in and around the formations. He immediately began developing his idea. Today Tube Planters are used by architects and builders everywhere.

What is a Tube Planter?

Tube Planters are a soft planter.  To use on places were plants dont usually grow.

We manufacture them in our Costa Mesa facility.  USA Made.   All hand crafted.  

Specially designed machines fill sleeves with a uniform density of soil into our specially designed tubes.

 Designed pattern sewn for the best environment for plants to maintain a healthy growth.    

Tube Planters have high moisture retention, yet due to the porous fabric, provide excellent drainage and allow roots to breathe, promoting healthy growth.

 No rotting your plant material like the other brands.  

Nice and clean at the install.  The fabric does not allow fine particles of soil to erode.

Easy to plant and make your design a reality.  Small cuts are made into planter fabric where seeds, cuttings, liners, 4" - 1 gallon plants are inserted and grown.

Make a hard scape a soft scape.  These planters allow planting for green urban designs. Locations like loft balconies, patios, walls, ledges are all possible. The possibilities are endless as these grow just about anywhere.

Here are some more ideas for applications of Tube Planters:
Cliffs and rock crevices
Vertical landscapes (living green walls)
Green Roofs
Freestanding plant columns
Hillside Renovation
Ponds & Stream Borders

Note: When contract grown, lead times vary depending on plant type, size and design.